Troublespot nutrition: Serious Results

Every adult can tell you where they collect fat. Some carry it around their middles. Others lay it on around their rear ends. Your trouble areas could be arms, face, or legs. Even after losing weight, whichever is your “trouble spot” will be where you can’t budge a single inch no matter what you do. This is the area Trouble Spot Nutrition claims to target. Read further to find out if this is a legitimate product or a scam wanting to take advantage of your deep desire to lose weight. I found another valueable review at for you to compare.

Honing in on a Hormone

The website for Trouble Spot Nutrition eventually describes a hormone that is responsible for making you fat, but the article takes a long time to get there. The writer even says a nutritionist discovered the enzyme that gets rid of fat related to 40+ fat-storage in men and women.

Not as Hard as Calorie Counting

It’s not that easy, of course. Otherwise, there would be nothing to sell. Some of the wording on this website suggests that you can see the foods that are making you fat; they’re right where you put them in your kitchen. In other words, this is nothing new. What you eat is more important than anything else when it comes to fat loss, yet traditional weight loss programs don’t help. Why would that be? According to Trouble Spot Nutrition, they are too focused on calories, and they need to address what types of foods you should be eating or avoiding to deal with hormonal imbalance. Also, you spend so much time counting calories and points that eventually you want to give it up, especially if results aren’t exciting. Furthermore, those other programs often rely on branded products (Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Atkins, etc.) which are not made for specific body types.

Enticing Idea

Trouble Spot Nutrition claims what they have to share with you was once classified. Now we’re moving into the realms of the unbelievable. The long-format website puts me on my guard, although there are hints of believability in the idea that you can lose weight by eating more fat because that’s where science is going right now. Research has proven that calorie-counting doesn’t work; eating healthy fat does the job better than consuming more protein. Our low-fat society, eating 0% yogurt and fat-free snacks is getting fatter. Surely there’s a connection.

We’re not talking about greasy fast food. Healthy fat comes from avocados, nuts, and seeds. It’s not saturated but full of nutrients that promote brain health and muscle development. We know that muscles need fat and protein, and that muscle mass burns fat. Bruce Krahn also mentions scientific law, citing Isaac Newton, and even talking about a brush with death.

Krahn claims that you don’t have to cut out any calories; add foods that work. This is dangerous ground. It’s possible your body is getting too much-processed sugar which could cause more than love handles; it might be leading to Type 2 Diabetes.

Testing, Testing

Krahn describes an easy test for determining your fat storage areas and where fat comes off first. It’s not necessary to take off all your clothes or stand in front of a mirror as he suggests; you’ll just feel terrible about your body and buy Krahn’s product. He does however share some interesting facts about trouble spot fat though. For instance, circulation to these areas is poor, and it will feel cool. Hence, the chemical that breaks up fat can’t get there.

3-phase Plan

This easy plan will involve some reading. Learn how to deactivate HSD (short for 11-beta-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase-1) which turns stress hormones into fat-storage aids. Look up “flavonoids”; there are thousands of them, and they offer numerous health benefits. Increase these to detoxify and stop hormones from making you fat. The second phase after deactivating HSD is to eat better, but that’s really what part one is all about, except your new diet will be customized. Thirdly, learn to make adrenaline diminish fat without exercising more by improving muscle mass but without becoming a bodybuilder.


All of this sounds simple, but Krahn says there are exact foods each person should eat. He’s selling a book, but that wasn’t obvious. Krahn repeats many things in his article to make sure the reader understands before he or she reaches the checkout. it may sound a little complex, but some of his ideas sound promising and might be worth a try.